Pet Policy

dogsittingsilouette    For an additional $20 nightly fee , we do allow a maximum of 2 small dogs under 40 lbs. in our rooms. The floors in our suites are pet friendly, hardwood and tile. Please follow our policies so we can continue to offer a pet friendly environment to our guests. A handbook in each room has the pet policy listed. Sneaking an animal in will result in a $50 fine. Reserving our facilities is a show of agreement, of your acceptance of these policies.

1) Walk your dog before entering the room to avoid a reaction to new smells. There is a park adjacent to “John Wayne Trail” which is an old railroad track bed.   Located just a block south on Main Street. Perfect for walks in the morning and evenings! Please be equipped with the essential leash and pooper scooper. Be aware, the City of Kittitas does enforce their leash law. There is an outdoor trash can by the stairs for your convenience.

2) Please use the “Pet Coverings” provided if you allow your dog to lay on the bed or furniture. These coverings are in the bottom drawer of the dresser in the Nostalgic Suite and in the Armoire in the Western Suite. Please do not use the decorative foot blanket on the bed. This keeps our white bed coverings white & upholstery free of hair making cleaning easier.

3) If your dog has an “accident” in the room, it is your responsibility to clean it up. Not doing so will result in a minimum $50 fine or more.

4) Please, if you must leave your pet unattended in our suites, kennel your pet. A dog unfamiliar with it’s surroundings.  may scratch or chew when left alone. Noticeable damage will result in a fine equal to the damage repair costs.